A life recovering from many years of heartbreak and destruction is never perfect or always easy. It's about striving to do better and to be a better person. Rewards outweigh the discouragement. While following God's will, blessings are exponential and more exciting than I ever could have imagined. My attitude and focus on life are much more than just me. I enjoy being with like-minded people and enjoy precious time spent with family. My legacy is important now while before, it would have been sad and tragic. Before Christ, I just existed and cared mainly about myself. My personal successes are secondary while I live with very little fear of loss or destruction. My relationship with Jesus Christ is first, and he solves my fears. He is all meaningful. Give God a chance. It is the only true way to live.

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" Samuel Baldwin's life involving drugs and alcohol lead him on a steady road to homelessness, but when his focus was on God, his life began to change for the better and was totally restored to a happy fulfilling life he has today! Truly an inspirational story!!" Maureen

To sum it all up, God instructed me that I had work to do. I needed to get my life in order. I needed to work on my inner being; to live as Jesus would want me to live; to be loving, kind, and gentle; to live for others rather than myself; to know and understand the Scripture so that I may use it to the best of my abilities to help others; to free myself of all material obstacles in my life; and to be willing to go and do as God calls me.

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